is a revolutionary mooring system which will have
a significant impact for the future of mooring.

StS 4
One of the major challenges in Ship-to-Ship (StS) operations is the actual mooring operation. AMS reduces mooring hazards with our AMS 4.0 modular automooring system. This system has a hydraulic telescopic arm and (patent pending) surge force control system. It is suitable for ‘Yokohama’ type fenders with diameters from 1.5 to 4.0 meters and differences in motion of up to 3.5 meters between vessels. Thanks to special vacuum mooring pads, it can control mooring forces up to 1.000 kN per tandem mooring arm. For higher mooring forces, a specially designed system is available that uses hybrid mooring pads, each pad containing both a vacuum pad and a permanent magnet.

StS 8
The AMS 8 is presently under development and is partially based on the same technology as the AMS 4. This innovative system has built-in hydraulic dampening and is designed to enable mooring of vessels without need for fenders. It gently attaches mooring pads to a receiving vessel, dampening motion differences and surge and sway forces through the use of hydraulics. This dampening is dependent on the displacement speed and forces on the mooring pad. The StS 8 XXL has a maximum reach of up to 8 meters, for when larger distances between StS vessels are required.

The system is modular and suitable for mounting to the side of a ship with a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) either below or on deck. Custom-made arms can deal with surge, sway and heave forces and hold ships together with vacuum, magnetic or hybrid pads.

AMS StS mooring systems make bunkering and ship-to-ship mooring operations efficient, sustainable, and safe. Breakthrough innovations and technology make mooring both low-risk and efficient.

Shift mooring pads both horizontally and verticall
Another unique feature is the ability to shift mooring pads either horizontally or vertically while moored by ‘stepping’ the pads. This makes it possible to adjust the mooring position after attachment. In extreme conditions or for greater safety, the AMS mooring system can also be combined with conventional mooring ropes. Once the AMS system is attached, additional conventional ropes may be safely added, allowing for a fully controlled operation.