The AMS Rope Picker Robot

is a revolutionary mooring system which will have
a significant impact for the future of mooring.

Our AMS Rope Picker Robot is a state-of-the-art, industry 4.0 ready robot arm, with a reach of up to 15 meters over height differences of up to 8 meters. This arm will recognize any bollards mounted on the ship or quayside using Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. It can be operated from a (mobile) tablet or bridge display. The RPR will move into action when the mooring command is given, automatically placing the mooring rope’s eye over your chosen bollard. A built-in RPR mooring winch makes it possible to control the mooring process from the comfort and safety of the wheelhouse. The RPR makes mooring safer and easier, avoids the need to be on deck in bad weather or climb onto the quayside. It also keeps people out of the snap back zone during mooring.

Self-learning system
One of the major challenges in Ship-to-Ship (StS) operations is the actual mooring operation. AMS reduces mooring hazards with our AMS 4.0 modular automooring system. This system has a hydraulic telescopic arm and (patent pending) surge force control system.

The AMSRPR is developed to automatically position 2 mooring ropes on any bollard and is also controllable from the wheelhouse.

  • Reach: Upto 15 m
  • Height: -4 to +10 m
  • Working load: 50 – 600 kN
  • Max power: 3 kW
  • Stored height: 800 mm

Retrofitable, modular and easy to customise.