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Modular systems, designed to operate in offshore conditions

AMS offers modular solutions that enhance mooring processes, ensuring safety, sustainability, and efficiency. Our goal is to enable all-weather mooring operations. With systems designed for enduring offshore conditions requiring only minimal maintenance over their operational lifetime.




A high-risk operation

Mooring lines are inherently dangerous. The loads they support and the risk of entanglement are constant hazards. Changes in wind, tides and currents can affect the ship’s movement, making mooring a high-risk operation. Lines may break under too much strain, snap back wildly and potentially cause serious injury.

Modular system

AMS’s modular solutions ensure a safe, sustainable and efficient mooring process and reduce shipborne emissions. We aim to make mooring an operation that can be performed in nearly all weathers and controlled from the wheelhouse. Our modular systems are designed for 30 years of operation under extreme weather conditions with only limited maintenance.

Autonomous mooring

Our systems can be managed from the comfort of a bridge or shore and are suitable for SEMI and FULL Autonomous mooring. They are modular, with a reach that accommodates nearly any mooring situation.

Self-learning system

If the system fails to recognize a bollard, this bollard is easily added and confirmed by the operator. Next time, the arm will recognize the bollard and identify it as a mooring point, using a stereo camera to calculate the exact distance to the bollard.




Introducing the AMS Rope Picker Robot (RPR), an advanced robotic arm designed to revolutionize mooring operations. With an impressive reach of up to 15 meters and the capability to navigate height differences of up to 8 meters, this cutting-edge arm employs Artificial Intelligence to identify bollards on vessels or quaysides.

Operable via a tablet or bridge display, the AMS RPR seamlessly responds to mooring commands, automatically positioning the mooring rope’s eye onto the designated bollard. Enhanced by an integrated mooring system, the AMS RPR streamlines and empowers the mooring process, significantly reducing the need for physical handling, crew presence on deck, or manual engagement on quaysides.

Machine learning

In the event of a bollard recognition failure, our system provides an user-friendly solution. The operator can effortlessly add and verify the bollard, which is then seamlessly integrated into a continuously evolving database using machine learning technology. Through this process, the mooring procedure is refined and the bollard is officially designated as a reliable mooring point. Our innovative approach employs a stereo camera to precisely compute the distance to the bollard, ensuring optimal accuracy and performance.


Ship to Ship Mooring System(StS)
Redefining maritime safety and efficiency, our cutting-edge approach moderates’ hazards through a modular auto mooring system. Distinguished by a hydraulic telescopic arm and a patented surge force control mechanism, our StS arms
have reach spanning 0.5 meters to 12 meters. This innovation streamlines and enhances Ropeless, Fenderless, Automated, ship-to-ship mooring operations setting a new standard for maritime excellence.

Mooring Pads
Vacuum Mooring pads that redefine strength and efficiency. With an astonishing capacity of up to 1,000KN per mooring arm and 80% vacuum in 1.0 seconds for quick and safe mooring. Our vacuum pads are designed to withstand offshore conditions and harness low maintenance costs. Seamlessly combining power and innovation, our Vacuum Mooring technology ensures secure connections without damaging the hull of a vessel and there is no need for reinforcing it either. In short, the StS mooring system makes hazardous manual operations a thing of the past.

Operational Capabilities

Experience the top of maritime excellence with our state-of-the-art Ship-to-Ship (StS) Mooring system. Engineered to perfection, our technology revolutionizes offshore operations, seamlessly catering to diverse needs such as Atex Zone LNG bunkering, crane barges, tugs, and jettyless transfer systems.

Unmatched in its capabilities, this unparalleled solution thrives in the most dynamic waters, effortlessly taming wave heights of up to Hs > 2.5m. Embrace the future of mooring, where unmatched efficiency harmonizes with groundbreaking innovation and safety takes the helm.